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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Healthier Pasta Sauce

I think I was 17 before I realized everyone didn't go home from church on Sunday morning and have a huge pasta dinner right afterwards. My dad is 100% Italian and having pasta less then twice a week was nothing short of criminal! My mom made red sauce, pasta or raviolis, and always had some extra sauce on the side.

I must admit, I love sauce so much, I don't put the extra bowl out, I just add it all in.... Extra shouldn't be an option because when it comes to pasta, it's a necessity.

So, how can you make your tomatoe sauce even better for you? Tomatoes are great, olive oil is okay, garlic and basil all good. But let's go further. I would immediately suggest adding a big handful of fresh spinach finely chopped so it might even look like a huge amount of basil. Now you have some leafy greens. Now, let's make your sauce blush.... Add a few spoonfuls of Greek or any organic yogurt that's plain. Not too much, just enough your sauce looses a little redness. Good, now we have added a whole extra veggie and some extra dairy. Now, why not grate some veggies ini there? It's easy, fast, and adds just a nice touch without overwhelming your palette. I normally grate some carrot and zest some green pepper. Why not? You want to go even further... Let's add a few crumbles of goat cheese.... So good for your digestive system!

Now, because I am a vegetarian, here's what I suggest on the side to mix in on top of your pasta and sauce...some nicely breaded eggplant and or zucchini baked in the oven. I bread my with pinko bread crumbs and lightly bake them and they taste so, so, so good on your pasta.

I love pasta. I could live on pasta,but I want to make sure it's giving my body tons of nourishment and these simple easy tricks will boost your sauces nutritional value too!

1 comment:

sandy said...

niconvthis from a girl who would not eat my meatloaf if I put onions in. You have come a long way Becky. So proud of the job you are doing. Now on to your cleaning products. HE he.