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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Still No Microwave

I recently posted how we had stopped using our microwave. It is still sitting in our basement and now awaits being posted on Craigslist. I absolutely love not having it. We have been making way more things from scratch from tortillas to pizza dough and then some. We are more deliberate in how we prepare our food the first time around since we know there is no quick heating process should we choose it.

We are still going with no artificial bleached sugars or dyes. Someone asked me why don't we just use nutra sweet recently and the answer is it's an artificial sweetner that tricks your body into thinking its not sweet, lowers your metabolism, and some other pretty bad stuff. We try and by as much raw sugar as possible so it looks brownish and is more crystal cut. We use it limiting... Honestly it's a small little bag, but other then making tea from scratch or adding some to dough, it rarely gets used. That's very good.

We have also been eating more better quality ins still like grass fed cows. This is so much better too because less hormones, more natural, and your body can work with that much more. It will look different than your typical ground beef... Less grayish pink and more of a bright red. That alone should tip you off about the other stuff. Again, it is costly, but we don't eat meat every day and it allows us to not gourde ourselves on meatballs or meatloaf. I think when you are buying better ingredients and eating more real whole foods the way the lord intended you are less likely to pig out or want more snacks. They are incredibly satisfying.

Now, this next part is going to be more difficult, but we are looking to stop eating out. So many restraunts use microwaves and overly processed foods, and really instead of spending extra money here, it's so much nicer to eat at home and know exactly what goes into our food. We are generally using better ingredients, non bleached pastas and grains, and more vegetables. We have found Bahamas breeze to still be okay.... They serve hummus with vegetables and a freshly made vine ripened salsa. Their menu changes with what's in season. Is it perfect, no.... But is one of the better choices we have found.

Another change we have begun to make us soaking our beans. You can get so many servings from one bag of beans and they taste so much better. You have to plan ahead, but sometimes the convenience of cooking something doesn't always make it a healthy choice. But, right there is an example on a way that eating better can actually cost you less.

This week our goal is to visit a local dairy farm that sells its cow's milk right there along with some cheese. The cows eat grass and that's it. Really, isn't that the way God designed it. I think a good rule of thumb when buying something is to stop and think, is this in any way altered beyond the natural way God designed it? God make everything so tastey and nutritious. Yes it takes more time and maybe more effort, but it is a good responsibility to assume.

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svetlana said...

I agree with alot of this, I try to eat as many vegetables as possible, and more organic meats. I try to use the microwave less, and we use the toaster oven more. we steam and bake many things. It is hard to take out all sugars but I am doing my best. it's good to know you are eating healthy and showing others what we can do to do it as well.