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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Re-doing an old hutch for the bathroom

I searched high and low for good, roomy storage for the bathroom. Originally, we were just going to buy cabinets from Lowe's but for the price, we still weren't getting that much more storage and they looked a little cookie cutter.

Then I tried the internet and thought I had found a few, but none really encompassed what I wanted-- something unique, with glass doors somewhere, and not too mass produced. I finally decided to go in the local Christian thrift store and happy day-- it was half off all their furniture. So, I was determined to look and find something. After a few aisles, I found this 50 or 60's or even really bad 80's hutch with hideous handles and an ugly burnt orangey finish. Barf! But-- the potential was there and I talked my husband into the vision!

We had to lug this bad boy in two trips with the van and then get it up on the porch. Once it was on the porch, it stayed there for a bit as it needed some work, and um, it stunk!

My sweet husband did a lot of the sanding with a great electric sander I scored on craiglist for 15 bucks! Yes-- still way under budget and the vision was coming closer to being finished!

I am happy to say that is now completely sanded, primed, painted, and with new hardware sitting in our bathroom storing our thousands of towels. But, I want to do something more with the back of the top to brighten the interior up-- stay tuned!!

1 comment:

angie said...

You left me hanging with no "after" picture! I love resourceful storage pieces.