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Sunday, October 21, 2012

My Baby turned 3

I think I have been putting off talking about this for almost a month now because there just doesn't seem to be away that my baby is 3 already! He is such a sweetheart and fills our home with lots and lots of laughs! Here are the top 10 reasons why we love you sweetheart: 1. You are a walking toy storage unit-- what would you do without your trusty pockets to hold all your treasures? 2. You give the best peck kisses ever! 3. You love your big brother and sister so very much and play so well with both of them 4. You still dont mind snuggling with mommy during books and movies 5. You melt your daddys heart when he comes home and you say a big Hiiiiiiii Dadeeeeee!!! 5. You milk being the smallest for all its worth! I not big enough to clean up this mess mommy-- uh huh sure ;) 6. You love food. I dont think any more needs to be said on that topic ;) 7. You make us laugh so much with your wardrobe malfunctions whether your bursting out of your pajamas, loosing your pants, or insisting that undies go on backwards, its always a laugh! 8. You love to be sweet to others whether you pick a flower, give a hug, or share a toy 9. You still sneak in some nights to sleep with mommy and daddy and nuzzle your little nose into ours and fall back to sleep 10. Your love for getting bigger and doing big boy things... just slow down a little buddy those days will be here before you know it!
I also am including pictures of his favorite meal-- breakfast! That week we had some wheat muffins, berries, and homemade applesauce :) We have also been enjoying english muffins homemade and this week-- homemade bagels (and they look so much better then last time!). http://johndlee.hubpages.com/hub/Homemade_bagel_recipe_Make_great_nadrolled_water_bagels__its_as_easy_as_baking_a_loaf_of_bread

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