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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Waiting to Move

We have been asked with baby number 4 coming if we will be moving of our tall little anorexic house quite a bit.... And the answer is yes, I hope, but not yet. First off, I don't relish a move while I am pregnant and in the middle of a school year. That just seems more then what I would choose to handle. If God moves us in that direction,then I'll trust that he will equip and enable us to do so. But on my own choosing, no thanks. Also, in our morning Bible time we read the story of how Saul didn't wait for Samuel to offer the sacrifice and went ahead and did it on his own. I felt like the Lord was telling me, please wait on me and trust me to orchestrate everything. And that's what I remind myself every day... god has asked me to wait and so wait we will. Its hard I feel like other then the above reasons why I am not ready to move, I am ready in every other possible way. Another factor is that my husbands position at work could be changing and we may need to relocate, so we are being patient and again, he is so close to his job right now, we need to just sit tight. So we are waiting and trusting and patiently working on our hearts to allow God to orchestrate everything. We are trusting Him that when He has made it clear it's time to move that our home will sell in a reasonable time frame and that He will pick a perfect location for our growing family. So, may I share what's in my next home list? 1. Another toilet. Seriously, one potty for five people can get a little crowded so yes, this is at the top of my list. I am trying to be very practical. 2. No oil heat.... We've been there, paid for that, and well, I would love a fireplace or two at the next place to help heat our home. And probably gas or electric. 3. A bigger living area.... We live in our house, I mean really live in it all the time since we homeschool, so a greater living area for us to spread out or rather have more room to create and grow and welcome others in to our home who also have big families would be awesome! 4. A nicer yard.... Not huge, but enough. I am trusting God in this area that He will be able to foresee our needs and help us know exactly what would work for us. 5. An extra bedroom or two... Really, I love our bedroom sizes right now. They're great, but a few extra rooms means we can explore foster or adoption options more since PA requires their own rooms. Again, trusting God to find us the right one. 6. If I could be a little chooses,not a development home. I want something a little more unique and um, cozier? I don't know, I just don't feel like they fit our personality. Okay, that's our dream list, well more like our prayer list. We are covering this home and the next in,prayer and just leaning on the Lord. Which, I might add is easier typed then applied, so we would appreciate you partnering in prayer with us! Thanks friends!

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