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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Life is Beautiful

Today III bought a new frame with that slogan "life is Beautiful". And it is. There will be tears of joy and hardships, but I really think till you've been through the valley can you fully appreciate the sunshine and just how good and amazing our God is. Yesterday my three year old pulled himself up onto my lap and said, " mommy eggs are adorable. I am adorable." he paused to let this sink in and then added, " make me some eggs because I am adorable....... And I want eggs." he is too funny. I actually had already begun to cook frozen pizza, but he was very understanding as Pizza must have some aesthetic qualities as well. With this baby my food whims have been really bland or boring or I just can't stand to look at it. The kids have had more sandwiches over these last few weeks and not complained a bit. And frozen pizza. And pasta. And that's all I feel like eating if I feel like eating. One night I even gave them cookies for dinner. The cookies had pumpkin in them and were served alongside trail mix, but still... Definitely not your standard dinner fare. And they have been so amazing and just keep eating the same small rotation of food over and over again. When I do feel good, I am making an effort to seek out time with my older two. My youngest is still at the age where he will seek me out for everything, but the older two are getting more Independant. My daughter and I snuggle in bed every night possible and read a book of her choosing. It's so special and I love her discussions about what's going on in the characters lives. My son and I have been walking in the mornings whenever possible and this too is a special time. We talk, whistle Christmas songs, discuss books, and just share. I'm thankful to have the time to do this with both of them as they are growing and flourishing in kid hood. So, life is beautiful. It is tough, long, tiresome, but there is so much beauty in the everyday and simple things. For instance my husband just came down from putting the kids to bed, rubbed my hair and said he loves me. So simple, yet such an unforgettable moment that makes the tough bearable and the hardships easier to count as joys.

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