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Saturday, January 5, 2013

5 things That are Rocking My World This Week!

Do you remember that scene in the Jungle book when Mowgli is with the vultures and they sing, "when you are... just look around"? I do. It might be one of the bleakest scenes in the movie, but I do like that they try and cheer Mowgli up because he doesnt want to go to the man village, he ran out on his best friends, and a killer tiger is bent on killing him. I really hate gestational diabetes-- when my insulin dosages are right, Im not really that hungry and its easy to stick to my diet. But then, the baby does what babies in utero will do-- it grows. And this sends my body into a tizzy whenever a big growth happens-- it drops off in its own insulin production, I become a hungry mama bear, and then I feel awful. Awful for feeling hungry. Angry that Im on a diet. Starving and angry at people who can eat whatever and not be affected. But, I know now that all of that the emotions, hunger, and everything else is just the diabetes. It cracks me up that one of the side affects of diabetes is irritability, um yeah-- wouldnt that be a given? Annnnnnnnnyway.... it gets me down and the worse is still to come. Every week that the baby grows, the harder it is for me to make insulin, my contractions will increase... but again, I digress, Im whining and off the point. When your down, I think its fun to find some cool positives. To look at your blessings, sure, but Id also like to share 5 things that are new or new again to me this week: 1. http://www.amazon.com/Wilton-Aluminum-2-Inch-Long-Loaf/dp/B00024WNOU/ref=sr_1_sc_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1357436298&sr=8-2-spell&keywords=wilson+large+bread+loaf+pans These Bread pans are amazing. Really, if you make your own bread, these are great because you only get two ends instead of 4 if you were to use two small loaf pans. They also make your bread look more store bought (yes, sometimes if you have kids, looks are everything!). Makes baking bread easier :) 2. Shark Valentine Plates. I love valentines Day. I love sharks even more. When I saw these plates in the dollar section at target, I knew they were designed just for me and my boys. The other one is cute too, but really, the shark ones steal the show!
3. My new food processor-- My husband surprised me with one after doing all this research on his own comparing blenders, processors, etc. and I am so thankful for him and his making my life simpler. My last blender was awesome, but after a soup explosion almost a year ago, the glass cracked and I knew we needed something better, but had no time to look or read about any of them. So, my husband doing all that for me when he knows I am a visual hands on person and hate reading reviews, is a blessing in and of itself. And now after two weeks of playing around with it, I use it almost every day. Here are some of our sugar free smoothie creations. Very simple-- frozen fruit, spoonful of plain greek yogurt, splash of pom juice, splash of water or milk. Done. I cant have any, but everyone else has said they are wonderful. My husband has even said theyre better than store bought strawberry milk which has been his sympathy craving of late.
4. Being a big sucker for Disney movies and seeing as a special little someone had a birthday this week, this was our special family day to celebrate her. It was an amazing show! The kids behaved the whole time and I was really pleasantly surprised that they cut out the scary parts and focused on the more up beat parts of the movies. I would def. take the kids to see a different show sometime in the future as it was a special outing that we could all enjoy.
5. The book of Romans. This one isn't new, but its one of my favorite books of the Bible-- maybe even my second favorite. I am reading this time with the message translation and enjoying it a lot. I am almost to my favorite chapter, chapter 12 :) Makes me think of summer at Harmony Heart Camp when we studied that entire chapter one summer. So there you have it-- 5 things that have rocked my world and made things bright when life wants to get me down! The biggest help is def. God's word-- so thankful for it especially on days when I feel like Satan would like to see me give in to self pity. I keep reminding myself joy is a choice and laughter is good medicine :) So, wherever youre at, focus on the good God has for you whether its silly or profound!

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angie said...

A list of gratitude always brings JOY! Have you read 1000 Gifts by Ann Voskamp? I think you would enjoy.
Also, I just saw a Bible memorization study on Romans on Ann's blog--A Holy Experience.