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Monday, January 7, 2013

Souper Sunday

Yesterday was actually sunday, but we spent a lazy day hanging out and making two big batches of soup. Before we ate our soup for dinner, the kids and I took a nice winter's day walk. At one point, the little two were behind me and my older son was in front of me and I was walking all alone. If you have kids, then you will understand that I was actually surprised to find myself alone. Normally there is a hand holding mine, a hand waving a stick just inches from me, someone walking in step chatting with me. My older son was imagining he was walking home from school and needed some space as he was a big kid. I get that. He is wired a lot like me-- he needs his alone time to make time with others more pleasant. So I let him pretend to walk home from school (never mind that it was a sunday, that most kids loathe walking to and from school, and technically since our home is our school, he was walking to and from school). My younger two have had this long running dramatic play game of mommy and baby going on. Im not sure who likes it more, my daughter or little man. She can get him to do anything and he thrives on it. Its a little bizarre at times especially when he is calling, "Mommmmmeee!" and I answer and he says, "No not you Mommy, Mommy 'allie" and then he finds her and they continue their game. It is also so sweet-- they love each other and are often glued at the hip with this game. So, anyway, there I was with them behind me desiring some mommy 'allie and me time and my older son walking home from school in front of me. And I was all alone. For a little bit, but it just allowed me this time to see them growing older and letting their imaginations soar. After 3 minutes of thinking all this through, the mommy and me pair had to share some sticks they found and my older son wanted me to time him running. And they were all back.
When we got home from our walk, we had some savory Lentil and Chunky Vegetable Soup. Here is the recipe as I actually got all 3 kids to eat it (my oldest went all the way to thirds as he is a big soup fan like his mommy).
Savory Lentil and Chunky Vegetable Soup 1. 4 cups of vegetable stock 2. 4-6 cups of water 3. 1 cup of lentils 4. 1 cup of carrots chopped 5. 4 small zucchini sliced and halved 6. 2 heads of broccoli chopped up, but not too small 7. 1 cup of spinach chopped (fresh or frozen is fine, I had just frozen batches of spinach pre-chopped, so I used one of these baggies) 8. about 1 tsp. of thyme 9. salt and pepper to taste Cook your lentils in the water for about 15 minutes after following the bags directions. While that is happening, chop all your veggies. Add them and the broth in to the pot, season with salt and pepper and thyme (I buy a little cluster at the store and store it in the freezer and when I need it, just shake some in. It freezes incredibly well and is easy to use this way). Simmer for about an hour or two. It will go from a bright green like this >
to a pea green color. Thats when it is done. Take about 2-3 cups and puree to thicken up your broth (this step is optional, but if your kids are big broth people, then its a way to sneak some extra
It was very good and low in carbs and low in sodium as you can control how much sea salt you add in. Ill share our other soup sometime soon! Emjoy!


angie said...

We love soup, especially Hanna and me! I think a restaurant that specializes in soup would be very successful as no one seems to specialize in it. I don't think i have ever cooked with lentils, but I may try your recipe. I appreciate the way in which you explain recipes.

Becky said...

Angie we have a place by us called Zoup, but I was sad to see that even their veggie soups are really high in carbs :( I wish I did lentils more-- they're so good for you and easy to prepare as well especially compared to dry beans.