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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy Birthday to my Sweet Girl!!

As I sit here waiting for some elglish muffins to rise and listen to Daddy and the kids upstairs horsing around, I can't believe it has been 6 years since my labor began with our little girl. It really couldn't have begun at a worse or a better time. Matt had been down in Florida over new years as his dad was in pretty bad shape-- and I was waiting at home ready to pop. While he was down in florida, our oldest son had a seizure and we spent half a night at children's hospital with him. He was fine, just over-stimulation or a growing seizure they said. The next day my mom took us both to the hospital for my non-stress test. As we were walking down the steps, I slipped on the ice carrying my son and went down a few steps-- kept a hold of my son, but banged my knee up and the entire ER watched my graceful display. My little trip meant a longer morning at the hospital as they needed to keep an etra close eye on me. I was so tired-- my poor husband was so tired, both emotionally and physically. He drove back up from FA Jan. 1st and went all through the night. It ended up being worth the sacrifice as it was the last time he saw his dad alive and coherent. So, January 2nd he arrived home sometime in the early am, and then went into work that afternoon as his store was getting ready for inventory. We were so, so tired. Cue my contractions. They started mid afternoon and by dinner time they were a minute a part. I ran over to our beloved neighbors and asked if they would sit with our son while Matt came home and took me to the hospital and we waited for my parents to come up and get him. They did one even better-- Bill drove me to the hospital and Kristin stayed with him. Matt met me at the hospital and they immediately gave me something magical and it knocked me right out for two hours-- Matt took advantage and napped too. We were so tired. We labored all night long, and at 5 in the morning it was go time. I know labor is exhausting, but I think this one took the prize. Other than our two hour nap upon arrival, we had been up all night. Matt was pulling his second all nighter in a row, and so we gave it all we got and she arrived right before the sunshine. She was breathtakingly beautiful, and surprisingly very ethnic looking. Jet black curly hair and a deep olive complextion. We snuggled and fell asleep listening to her coo under a heating lamp as her breathing became more normal. We snuggled when I awoke again from another magic dosage of something (or maybe they gave me a placebo-- i was so tired, I could have slept anywhere at that point). The year she was born was adifficult year, our most difficult year as a family ever, but she was our little firecracker and sunbeam thorughout. Our morning child. Our winter child. Our perfect little girl. The perfect addition to our family of three. She is stil spunky and I am so blessed to be her mommy. She adds a huge touch of female drama to our male dominant homw, lots of pizzaz, joy, and is the sweetest snuggler in the world. Happy 6th Birthday Sweetheart! We love you!

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