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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Lettuce Wrap Vegetarian or Turkey Tacos

Okay, I dont think these pictures will do these justice, but they were stinken lip-smacking amazing! And heres the best part-- very low carb, could be vegan (I had mine vegetarian), and are so clean eating its seriously should be illegal. I loved them, my kids scarfed them down, and bonus-- they met husband's approval (he even had seconds... and thirds... and fourths!!!!). So, I had to share: Ingredients: 1. 1 package of ground turkey (you could do beef or chicken, or go vegetarian and omit this all together). Season it as you normally would taco meat. I like a generous 2 sprinkle of cumin and chilli powder with some garlic and onion tossed in for taste. ** Try and avoid pre-packaged seasoning as there is lots of hidden nastiness in them. a
2. Taco cheese. Okay, pre-packaged taco cheese all has yellow cheese. Milk doesn't come out yellow, cheese is not naturally yellow-- its dyed (yellow 4 or 6), so its def. much cleaner to make your own blend. I did cheddar and mont. jack and it was yummy-- just popped them in the food proccessor and voila-- much cleaner cheese blend! You could certainly add some spicer blends or milder, or whatever-- but try and steer clear of yellow cheese.
3. Tomatoes-- while your food processor is out, pop these in too and save some time 4. 2 Bell peppers-- chop these, slice them whatever (I did them in the food processor since I like them thin, but whatever works). Saute them in 1 tbs. of coconut oil and add some more cumin and chili powder-- yum-- will smell so heavenly! 5. Black beans-- if you are on a low carb menu, these are tricky and can get very high in carbs, so go sparingly on them. 6. Salsa-- we made some homemade salsa a while back and had it defrosted and ready to go
7. Sour Cream & Guacamole for topping-- go easy on the guac-- its in the fat food group, and yes it is a good fat, its still should be used sparingly esp. if youre watching carbs 8. Lettuce-- these will be your wrappers-- I just set a big head on the table-- looked awful, but we tore right into it as we needed each leaf.
I had mine with the peppers (so, so good-- seriously, I am loving peppers right now and bonus-- a low carb option), salsa, tomatoes, some black beans, cheese, and sour cream. It was amazing. I went back for more and felt absolutely no guilt. I went for even more (this time minus the beans) and still delicious.
I recently had my first lettuce wrap last week at the cheesecake factory and it was amazing, so I am so glad these were a success. I am hoping to do a greek variation-- tomatoe, red onion, feta, olives, cucumbers (this is the combo I had at the CF), but I have to say I had a lot of requests to make these again! Enjoy!!

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