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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Pink or Blue??

Today was the day we found out the babys gender-- very exciting! I got up a little before 6 to go to the bathroom and noticed a bright pink sky and was wondering if there was a reason I was seeing pink. Then over breakfast the kids continued to debate what we had-- both sides were pretty firm in their guesses so Matt and I began asking the kids to focus on praying for the bays health as that was even more improtant than having a boy or girl. I had to go in by myself which has never happened before and the attendant was one of the most stoic people I have ever met. No conversation, no talking-- it was very cut and dry and when she measured the kidneys and then went back to measure the babys heart again and then bacl to the kidneys I began to get very nervous. I was able to pick up a lot more of the detail this time (I felt a little like an old hat in there) and could see baby had the same nose as our younger two-- a very Francolino Itallian looking nose. And then she announced the gender and left. The doctor came in and was so sweet and kind-- he assured me we had a very healthy baby who is a nice 13 ounces and doing wonderfully-- I was praising God and wiping away tears of joy! Matt and the kids were outside waiting in the car and we drove over to a little park so I could share the news-- they were so, so excited!
Everyond had to turn around, close their eyes, and not peek at their lollipop color-- there were lots of excited giggles as they waited to pull them out and see who had been right.
And was it pink or blue.....???
I promise you, my daughter was showing me her tongue was blue, not gagging at the news. Although, an hour later when we bought some new clothes for her new baby brother, she said, "I just know God made a mistake! Its not too late for Him to change His mind, right?" We had a nice lunch conversation on how special it is to remain Queen of the castle and how God has a plan for this new little guy to which she replied, "Theres always next time." The boys are thrilled and Im glad for another little dude to add to our bunch-- and our playmobil and legos will get lots and lots more playtime :) !
So, praise the Lord, we are adding one very healthy and active little boy who is head down (please stay there) to our Gardner Gang!
And we have some leftover pink lollipops...

1 comment:

Katie said...

That's the CUTEST gender reveal!! Congrats Gardner family!! :)