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Thursday, January 17, 2013

When you think your right....

I keep having this conversation with mu husband on why I am more right on the correct due date than the doctors. I have given the doctors slight little polite hints that they might be wrong, but they're set in their ways. And be it as it may, in the end they might be right, but I doubt it. I was right last time... I kept saying our thirds due date should be later than predicted and he came "later" than the other two by their measure, but right on time by my calculations. I know, the doctors have delivered literally thousands of babies between then all and they know what they're talking about. However, they give each and every woman the same exact date.... They're assuming everyone got pregnant exactly half way between their cycles. But everyone is so different and whose to say we all conceived exactly half way? That's why people go a few days before or after their due date and sometimes on... Their due date was an average guess and that means you'll have some overshoot, undershoot, and land right on the money. This time though, I am pretty sure our due date is a week off. Here's why: I felt the baby at 9 weeks... Which even by 4th baby standards is pretty early. I mentioned this to the doctors and they said it was gas... I'm a bazillion percent sure that the little flutters were not gas. They found the baby exactly where I had been feeling him and I still feel little hands moving in that same spot. Also, my diabetes going into overdrive so early... I think that's also a sign I'm further along. Another thing is that at our 20 week ultrasound the baby measured pretty big and mine have always measured small... And this time I'm on a stricter diet. At our 9 week ultrasound, the baby was pretty big. Not Lima bean size at all but very easy to see head, arms and legs... I've had a lot of ultrasounds in my day and that was one developed baby. Also, and the main reason, I was def. going through menopause this summer due to past medical treatment when this little guy snuck in there, but I was so crazy all over the place this summer that it also gives valid reason as to why I should be due earlier. I'm just typing this all out for my own good... So that if I am right, which I think I am, I'll have a record. Isn't that awful? I know in the end the doctors won't be swayed as our babies get big towards the end and so they'll look further along then they are; however, I'll know. And it will make me feel better when they come at what the drs think to be 34 or 35 weeks, because I'll know we were really due sooner rather than later :) mommys just know these things sometimes ;)

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