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Thursday, February 21, 2013

From the Outside Looking In

I think from the outside looking in on our family people assume we have it all together and I find that highly complimentary, but so far from the mark. Don't get me wrong, I'm a type a personality... I thrive on routine and order; however, that doesn't mean wee always have those two things. I also am super passionate about things I like. I'm all or nothing. If I don't like something or someone, it Just isn't within me to fake it. I simply cannot and I can't pretend and I might even try To expose it for all it's yuckiness too. Things got a little dicey when I was little and didn't Believe in Santa claus. My oldest is pretty much the same way and if there is an elephant in the room Or a naked emperor, you can betcha we're the two people who will call it like we see it. On the flip side, when I live something, I love it all the way. I have a zeal and passion For it and think the whole world would be a better place if they embraced it as well. Well, except everything... I think as I get older I can see that as much as I love to homeschool, not Everyone should. Now some people may balk at this, but I can honestly say it just isn't a Calling for everyone. And I do think you need to be called to do this. But, back to how people see us or maybe me specifically. A few people have come and said to me we just don't know how you stay so busy. The thing is even though I am a high risk pregnant person, with the diabetes, busy is better. The more I move, the more carbs I burn. So I must keep moving. I don't always want to, but knowing I have to def. helps A lot. I also sleep like a rock. Really, this is another area my boys are both like me. You could march an elephant through the room and all 3 of us would have no recollection. Unless you do it at 6am. I also think people should know how boring and introverted we are when we have time to Ourselves. We hoard alone time. We would rather spend the day together or at home then any where else. We have several days a week where that's exactly what we do and when we are refueled, we join the rest of the world again. So there you have it. I think a lot of blogs give you these amazing highlights and it just isn't fair if we don't share the humanness of what goes on behind the scenes and during a normal day. We're normal. We're actually boring. We like to spend time alone. I am an all or nothing type of person. That's the real story and were sticking to it ;)

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