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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Honey Cut Out Cookies and a Winter Tea Party

Today we had our first high risk visit and alas, my blood pressure is still on the rise and acting, well, funky. The nurse advised that I avoid canned foods and so I asked her what else she had since we dont do many if at all canned. The doctor was more concerned about my contractions than anything else and did a few tests and sent us over to the hospital. Contractions dont bother me, sure they're a nuisance, but it is what it is. I do know that my blood pressure acting up this soon is NOT normal for me. They assured me that since it was my 4th I shouldnt worry too much but with such a big gap and my age, thats what concerns me the most. But, anyway after hours at the hospital we picked up our kids from my dear friend Renee who got way more then she bargained with (I seriously said on the way out the door, Oh they wont send me to the hospital yet-- we'll see you in an hour and a half tops.... famous last words!!) we scarffed down lunch and then went to the YMCA to walk some laps. By the time we got home and finished some school work from this morning, it was clear we needed something out of the ordinary to turn this day from disaster to memorable. So, we baked of course. And then had a tea party. Because, well, because why not?! So, sugar free sugar cookies which are honey cookies. You will need: 1 and a half sticks of butter softened ** 1/2- 3/4 cups of sugar. Please just eyeball this-- I know you're not supposed to eyeball anything especially when baking, but measuring honey will drive you bonkers-- just eyeball it and it will be fine *** 1 tsp baking powder ***1 egg *** 1 tablespoon of milk *** 1 tsp of vanilla *** 2 cups of whole wheat flour *** 1 and a half tbs of pure pomegrant juice****** mix the butter, vanilla, egg, honey, and milk together. Add in flour and baking powder. Add in juice and finish mixing. Sit in fridge and let chill for 10 minutes. While you wait to roll out cookies and cut them, set table for tea party and make some tea sandwhiches. We just made some with cream cheese and organic sugar free jelly and some with tomatoe and cheese. Simple and healthy and easy ;)We also had some homemade applesauce on the side, so basically, just a simple dinner fancied up a bit. Then roll out your cookies just like you would a sugar cookie and bake at 350 degrees for approx 11 minutes. My daughter brought down some princess tea party plates and my son said, "Mom, even though tea parties are supposed to be for girls, its fun to do something special like this." That made my night as by that point I wasn't feeling so great, but the kids loved it and were so excited about it AND having their dolls and stuffed animals take part (did I mention we cut some small cookies out just for them?-- that was a big hit). We also made some homemade frozen yogurt to go with our cookies-- all sugar and dye free and its one of their absolutely favorite desserts and super easy to make, so again, why not? I am so grateful the kids and I did this tonight and I think I may put together a few other simple and easy, but still special theme nights. They were very understanding and patient with our crazy day and I know we have some more twists and turns ahead, so these will be something special to look forward too :)


sandy said...

I think you mean honey and not sugar in your recipe. looks cute and good.

angie said...

Yum to all of it! one will never tire of a tea party, but i look forward to the other themes you will "cook" up.