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Friday, March 1, 2013

How Great is Our God!

The other night my husband picked the kids up from awanas and when he came home he reported that our van had begun smoking and the check engine light was flashing which meant a serious problem. Now, we are a happy one vehicle family. Honestly, my husband works a mile from home and it is just unneccessary for us to own two cars at this time. On times when we do need a second car for work trips for my husband, we have found its actually more cost affective to rent one for that day then to pay car insurance on a second car for an entire year, not to mention maintenance fees and inspection fees as well. Not to mention, the only true back up vehicle for a soon to be family of 6 would be another van. So, if our van is out of commission, it means we stay at home (the kids and I) and make do. My husband did some research and estimated that repairs would cost us 600 dollars minimum. We have set aside money for repairs and would be fine. But..... We began talking and discussed the fact that just because we had the resources to cover the vans repairs we kind of felt like we weren't relying on God. We were relying on the fact that we had prepared for this and just kind of accepting it as meant to be. But, we really felt that just because we could handle it (and I am by no way saying you shouldn't prepare for these things) didnt mean we shouldn't still give the van over to the lord and trust him to take care of things. We just really felt like we needed to bring the matter before the lord and spent some time praying over our van. It didn't feel necessary in the workday sense, but in the spiritual sense, it was a great reminder that we should always take everything to the lord in prayer. Yesterday I called about our van and it wasn't ready. Today I called and still not done. We were preparing ourselves to rent a car for a homes how I needed to do, but we have canceled all our credit cards, so we couldn't do that either. We just kept praying and trusting God. We took a walk to the bank and other errands within walking distance and then came home. We got a call from the mechanic at about 3 in the afternoon. He began by saying the light had been blinking the first day, but it was closing time. So today, he went to test the light again and nothing came on. He tried to run it through the machine to see if he could find the problem and nothing came up. He did some other tests and nothing. He looked under the hood and everywhere else mechanics look and again nothing. He drove the car to a neighboring town some distance away and back and then tested it again and nothing. He said it was the strangest thing he had ever seen, but nothing was wrong with our van now. The total cost: 36 dollars (and that was just to cover his time checking). I had been laying down when he called and went down to share with my husband that the van was done. He asked the total and when I told him the whole story, well, it's just a big God thing! A really cool, really awesome, just totally amazing God thing. He works in mysterious ways and we are just praising him at the "health" of our van and Him showing us how much we need him in every single aspect of our lives!

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