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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Why you might be getting sick...

If you have been following our family's road to healthy eating, then you know we have cut out all bleached or white sugars. We have completely switched to raw honey and on occasion I might use a small amount of raw sugar. It has been a nice transition and one we don't even notice anymore... Even my husband has adapted to the taste of honey and the different textures. Over the time that we have switched our diets and made a commitment to eating better, we haven't gotten sick. There was a small time when I ought my daughter MIT have picked up pink eye at the state far, show, but it didn't spread beyond her and we used no antibiotics to cure her. We just gave her some clear eye drops and rest and lots of cleaning (sometimes with a little lemon juice) and she was fine. And again, it didn't spread at all and if you know pink eye, that's what it does best. So, why do I think we were so healthy this past year? Was it because we had the flu shot? Nope. I was the only one who had to get as a pregnant diabetic is at risk to catch everything under the sun and if I got sick, it could mean hospital stays instead of couch time. So much to our dismay. We felt like given the two extreme situations, any extra protection for mom would be best. But, we were we healthier because we homeschooled? I don't think so. We know lots of homeschooling gap families who got sick this past year... Especially large families... When one gets it, the whole gang takes a hit and then sometimes it makes it's way through twice. Is it because we are hermits? We kind of are, but even with belonging to our community YMCA for two months where I'm sure the germs were rampant and I fully expected us to pick something up during this time period, we still went unscathed and continued on our healthy course. I believe that the reason we didn't get sick was because we eliminated all white sugars and dyes from our diet. Even my husband who works in retail and comes in contact with an abundance of sick people and co-workers had his healthiest year ever as well. It is a scientific fact that sugar will feed the virus. http://www.examiner.com/article/the-know-how-s-of-sugar it suppresses the body's natural ability to store and use vitamin c and literally welcomes colds and flus with open arms. How much could we as a society cut back on flus without using a flu shot, but by saying no to sugar and dyed food. And if you are eating anything that is not homemade from a burger at a fast food place to a loaf of bread to pizza sauce to fruit snacks.... You're consuming more sugar then you would even realize. Making things homemade might take more time and it is a life adjustment, but the benefits of knowing exactly what you are eating and how much sugar or sodium is in your food has such wonderful health benefits that it is worth it. You really will get into a groove of making something every day or even every other day and I highly suggest doubling the batch. Freeze extra bread or rolls or muffins and then you have them on hand for those nights or lunches when you need a quick meal. We are so thankful for Gods provision in a healthy winter.... It was such a huge blessing. And believe me, I'm not naive enough to think we won't pick anything up ever again, but I can say there are no sugars in our system that have made a welcoming environment for bacteria and viruses to flourish.

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sandy said...

dad thinks I haven't gotten sick this because of my green smoothies every morning. That plus exercise and eating healthier.