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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

When in Rome Dinner Theme Night

For our third dinner theme night we went with a Roman theme for a few reasons: 1. we have just finished sturdying roman history in the Mystery of History and 2. Pasta was already on the menu for some time that week, so we bumped it up and made our them around a dinner already planned for. I have to say, my husband and kids really enjoy these nights so much. I'm not going crazy over the top with planning or decorating or costumes-- we just use things we have on hand already or can print off and decorate ourselves. But its amazing how a few extra touches can transform a normal family dinner into a memorable event. I think some other great ideas would be a dinner based around a color, a book, a time period, a country, a missionary, a favorite toy collection (lego dinner night anyone?), and so much more! We loved pirate night and tea party night and this was yet another success! For our meal, we had homemade pasta and tomato sauce, homemade bread (which mommy let rise a little too long, hence the extreme width), and baked broccoli. For dessert, I did torture myself a bit here, but we made snickerdoodle brownie bars. They smelled amazing and from what I heard, they tasted pretty darn good too. I followed the recipe from http://frugalanticsrecipes.com/2010/11/snickerdoodle-cookie-bars/ and just substituted honey in for the sugar in the bars and used whole wheat instead of white flour. And then to decorate a bit that night we colored in some pictures. The kids had fun talking about how they dined back in Roman days (if you're feeling really brave to recline around a low table or blanket, be my guest, but we stuck with our table) and how they dressed (turns out, eating in a toga sheet can be a little tricky). Hope you and your family can enjoy dinner them nights as well! ~ Becky

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