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Thursday, March 7, 2013

My baby Sister Hopey

My youngest, very yougest little sister is getting married in just two and a half months. She gets married on May 31 and our due date is May 29th-- we just are close like that (although in all reality, we wont go anywhere near that date and I even bought the baby an outfit to match his big brothers for the wedding). Growing up my mom always called her and I the bookends-- two people cut from the same cloth. Hope and I are still different in many ways, but we are also so similar and like minded that when she needed to fill some class time in her school photography class and I have always desired some great maternity pictures but am just too controlling to let just anyone take them, this seemed like the perfect solution for both of us. It was great because we are so like minded and I could bluntly say no, I dont like that or she could say I think you should do this-- and it all worked out and was a lot of fun. Plus, bonus, seeing where she goes to college at and meeting her professors and hearing what wonderful things they had to say about my baby sister was very special too. Also, one of them asked me if I was a student there and when you're pushing 30 and 7 months pregnant, well, that does inflate ones vanity just a tad. ;) Those are some of my favorites....and now some of the silly moments taht most people wouldn't show but remind me of what a good time we had that day: And this is what it kind of looked like behind the scenes: And what some picassa and editing can do for a picture. Before: And then after some editing, cropping, and text you get this: And honestly, Hope did such a wonderful job that these were the only two I played with even though she gave me full reign because she knows I am a ,ahem, control freak. This is all 3 of us girls from a few years back. If my dad saw this he'd start singing sisters from White Christmas :) I really and truly do love my sisters who are now my friends-- for real this time (not like when your little and you have to be friends). "A friend is for all seasons." Proverbs 17:17

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