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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Gearing Up for Summer/ Spring Vacation!!!!!!!

We are down to single digits left of our school day. Most of our textbooks are finished, recycled, and laid to rest and we now are spending our last few days reviewing and playing some educational games. But, we are so excited for our Summer Spring break that begins soon. Its technically more in the months of Spring than summer, but we still call it our summer vacation. I still would like us to be good stewards of our time off and not merely letting the days lazily slip away. So, we made a family checklist of some things we'd like to do: And then I got some journals and decorated them for each of the kids so we can record in pictures and with words some of the special memories that happened: We're also going to do a unit study on the fruits of the Spirit and then give each person some verses to work on memorizing that correspond with a character trait they need to work on. For example, Mommys will all be centered around patience. ********************************************************************* Oh, and we plan on having a new member of the family who will need lots of snuggles and kisses. We are anticipating this break and looking forward to using the time to grow closer to each other and to our Lord :)

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