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Monday, April 22, 2013

when you plan to plan

You know the saying when you fail to plan you plan to fail. I love that saying as I'm a planner at heart. About two weeks ago everything was going according to my plan. For the moment my BP was behaving and it seemed as if the steroid shots were working their magic. We finished up our last week of co-op with our homeschool family, submitted our oldest sons affidavit and objectives so he can legally be homeschooled in the coming year, planted and mulched outside, co-hosted a team meeting for thirty-one, and a few other random things. Yes, our ducks were all in a row. Or more specifically my ducks were all in a row. As we began the next week I had it all planned out as well. Monday was our last day of school so we had a little cowboy inspired theme dinner (pictures will come one day) and my husband had most of the week off. Sure we had two nst but I was sure we could still enjoy some small day trips throughout the week to fully enjoy some special family time before the baby came. Tuesday came and we had to go for a non stress test (nst) and we planned to be in and out and then go for a nice little walk at valley forge park. That's what we planned but when a test that should take a half an hour begins to take 1 then 2 then 3 and almost 4 hours you realize things aren't going according to plan. My BP had gone up... Both the top and bottom number so they did blood work which revealed that once again my platlets had dropped too low. I was placed on strict bed rest. So strict I can only use the bathroom and I'm only allowed to sit up to briefly eat my meals which still need to be low carb. The rest of the time I must be on my side as its the only way to control my BP. Just getting up to go to the bathroom makes me feel dizzy and brings on a headache since my BP is rising. Then when we went for an ultrasound to check baby's weight on Thursday and blood flow, the doctor got a little nervous, took my BP and it was 162/105 which is dangerously high. He called my obgyn doctors and it was decided I needed to be admitted to the hospital so they could observe me for 24 hours and check over that time to make sure I wasn't spilling proteins and my platlets weren't still dropping. When we got there, I hadn't eaten for quite some time and so then my sugars dropped and my contractions became 4 minutes a part. They got my BP calmed down and my platlets were actually up, so now they were watching and hoping I'd just go into labor while there. I didn't and managed to pass the protein test. On a side note, it really is important to drink a lot of water! Water helps your body in so many ways-- with blood pressure, diabetes, etc. you really do need 8-10 glasses a day! At 6 our lovely doctor came in and said I could continue being on bed rest at home or in the hospital. I was feeling pretty sick at that point and just wanted to go home. So,with our instruction and discharge papers in hand we were about to leave when they called a code OB. One of the babies was struggling and it really showed us how much we didn't want to deliver just yet. The NICU doctor had explained to us that if he is born before 35 weeks he'll have to go to the NICU no matter what. I was feeling so awful at that point I couldn't imagine being physically able to go through labor and then have the baby taken away. We began praying for things to stay calm until at least this weds. When I'd be 35 weeks. On our Sunday visit back at the hospital my contractions had all but stopped and my BP was back to normal bad, not dangerously bad. With my other two I had false labor that looked and felt pretty convincing but then stopped and took all the contractions mostly away for about a week and then we delivered. I'm thinking we've entered the same calm before the storm. Last night my husband was sitting with me in bed and I said last week certainly didn't go as planned, why don't we just see what happens this week? He chuckled and said yeah, I think we should just trust God and see what happens. The verse God kept speaking to me last week was Jeremiah 29:11! "for I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord." when we got home from the hospital, I saw that my friend Jenni had posted that very verse on Facebook. We are trusting that God has this all planned out because we know He does. So is anything going according to plan? Well, not mine that's for sure, but His ways are not our ways. Tomorrow when we go we'll talk labor plans to kind of tie all the strings up on what to expect. We already know my nutritionist will have a special solution in my IV for the diabetes, I'll have magnesium sulfate for the blood pressure, possibly antibiotics for group B strep (something that normally happens to diabetics), and possibly some blood waiting off to the side. That's a pretty interesting cocktail and we are attempting our third v-bac so that adds another level of risk. It's a little hard to wrap my brain around, but guess what? Gods got this thing all planned out and we're trusting him to bring us through.


Anonymous said...

Amen sister!

angie said...

We will believe with you in the plans that The Lord has for you. As much as you want the best for your baby boy, He desires even more!