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Monday, April 29, 2013

The Fingerprint of God

I think I could writes book on our labor and delivery experience, but I don't want to share anything right now but my favorite moment. After my c-section, I was taken up to the OR with all the other surgery patients from the hospital. After two hours there I hadn't seen my husband the entire time and had only seen my newborn for maybe 30 seconds before they were both gone. Or rather I was gone. My nurse Betsy was trying to get my toes to wiggle and her other patient Marie to keep her clothes on. Nurse Betsy and I began to talk and she shared that her son had passed away. My heart was heavy for Betsy especially upon the arrival of our new baby boy no matter what we had been through, our son was alive. I was a little foggy then and Betsy had decided to sendme back to labor and delivery so I could get better help, but typing this now has shown me that I need to send Betsy a card. That's a fingerprint of God right there. --------------------------------------------------- as a hospital courier wheeled me back to labor and delivery, my heart was sad again. Because our baby had been born at 35 weeks, he had to spend 12 hours in the hospital. Furthermore, because I had full blown preeclampsia, I had to stay in bed for the next 24 hours. No new baby snuggles and just pictures my husband could share as he ran between our two rooms. When I got to the maternity floor there was one of my favorite nurses Sherry. All the nurses were so special, but Sherry will forever remain in my heart. As she relieved the courier of my bed, she took a different turn. She leaned down and whispered, I'm sneaking you into to see your baby. And she did...she maneuvered my whole big bed with all it's lines and tubes straight into the nursery.There was my husband. there was another nurse with raspberry lips stretched into a big smile. And there was my baby with his feathery soft jet black hair whimpering just a bit. The nurse brought him over and laid him upon my chest. Tears rolled down my face as my husband held him place. As soon as I spoke, he was soothed and just nuzzled in and went to sleep. It was one of the best moments ever. Sherry was beaming from ear to ear the nursery nurse was saying something about how babies need their mamas. And as I weakly stroked his back, his hair, his face... I couldn't agree more. This was such a God orchestrated moment. I had thought I wouldn't see him for twelve long hours of pain mostly alone, and God had worked in these nurses hearts to orchestrate such a beautiful moment for my baby, husband, and I. Asi sit here almost a week later still recovering, I'm reminded once again in sharing this how great is our God and how perfect are His plans.


angie said...

I have chills! As I was thinking about your title--the fingerprint of God, I scrolled down and saw Declan's blanket covered in footprints. Instead, I would say that God walked and carried you and your family through this journey. His footprints are all over your newest son!

Mr.+ Mrs. C said...

Hey there Becky,
Blessings and Congratulations on your newborn son from Mr. and Mrs. Carl, aka Bob and Gloria...
I could tell from your pre birth writings that your pregnancy was high risk. Having taken care of so many who have the same issues, it's good to just follow the plan of a good Dr. C-sections are sometimes easier on your body years down the road vs natural...trust me on that. Sounds like your hospital is doing recovery with other PACU patients, some don't "know nothing about birthing babies...". I have taken whole beds into small crowded nurseries too, smart nurses do that. Rest well my dear, I hope you got good post PIH d/c instructions b/c I have also had re-admits who didn't rest enough and didn't watch for warning signs and came right back in on Mag. and away from their baby. Rest, rest, rest and increase activity slowly. NO housework, NO heavy lifting, only your baby. Notify your Provider for unrelenting headache, severe epigastric discomfort like sharp, stabbing pains/heartburn, blurred vision, n/v and/or pain behind your knees when you extend and point your foot to your nose. Get well and take your pain meds, that's what they are for :)