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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

2 Months Old already!

He looks a little surprised too... how is it possible that two months have gone by already? well, actually because we've been so busy, two months and one week-- 10 weeks total tomorrow! On one hand, it feels like we've had him here with us forever, and on the other hand, it seems like I was just waddling around with my big ol' belly! At two months he has begun to coo to us and has smiled real smiles at us (ya know, the ones nurses cant blame on gas or sleep). He is just an ounce shy of 12 pounds so he has doubled in weight since birth and is about 23 inches long. Due to being so wiggly when his head got measured, his head shrunk... well, not really, but Im sure when they record it they'll catch their mistake and next time make sure to get a better measurement. He loves to be held, sung twinkle twinkle little star, be held, eat (at 12 pounds he ain't missing any meals), carried in the moby (which is just like, you know, being held), and to be swaddled. He does NOT like mommy to eat (doesn't help him much though in the long run) or to be put on his tummy. Ah look.. here comes my helper... Im going to say this, but he also does not seem to like my helper. At all. But, Im sure that will change over time-- for now helper likes to give him extra loving or poke him to make sure he's really asleep and if that doesn't work, he shouts, "are you asleep Babeeeeeeee?" really loud. But seriously, you can't fault him for loving on someone so cute, can ya now?

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