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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

4 months old Already!

How can little man be four months old already.... on the other hand, I think we have reached the point where it seems like life without him is but a distant memory. He tackled his first trip to the beach and dutch wonderland this month and did splendidly at both places. And just so you don't forget how cute our other three are, here's my three older cutie pies at the beach: But back to Mr. D, he is growing so much! He is a little over 15 lbs. and slightly longer than 25 inches. While we were at the doctors today waiting for him to be seen, I was blowing raspberries on his neck and he did his first belly laugh. Which made his older three year old brother laugh. Which made all of us laugh. I'm sure the staff on the other side of the door wondered what was going on behind that closed door! He really loves to suck his hands... and our arms. Which is weird to me but hysterical to his big siblings. I think that they're excited that he does more than eat, sleep, and well, you know. He smiles so much and really watches us. He seems to be settling into a more normal nap pattern (hallelujah) and is a phenomenal sleeper at night. Sadly, both he and I are going through our hair loss stage, so he may look a little bald in these pictures. But what a cutie pie! He is starting to grab toys, still loves to be held by mommy (although enjoying daddy more), and just a delight! Happy 4 months little man! We love you! And on a side note, Ive been taking lots of pictures and getting many more blog posts ready (in my Mind) just cant seem to find a moment to sit down and type or organize my thoughts on the computer... oh well, we are blessed with life :)

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