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Friday, August 30, 2013

Naturally Curing a Cold

Last week I woke up with a tickle in my throat. It was just little and I assumed I had maybe talked to much or strained my voice. However, by the next day, the tickle had grown into a full blown sore throat. Frankly, just between you and I, I don't have a whole lot of time to be down with a cold. I also didnt feel like dragging myself and four kids to the doctors for a prescription and diagnosis. So, I had some kids cold tea on hand and I made a big mug of it and added some nice raw honey. I sipped on it for about a half an hour and my throat felt so much better! A few hours later when the tickle returned, I made more tea and by the next day I felt great. The only bummer is, I had already shared my germs and that coupled with quite the rainy day meant that my poor little babies all got mommy's sore throat as well.
I headed back to the store and loaded up on more tea, some honey, and some natural rub sort of like Vick's vapor rub (but much better). I got Just For Kids Organic Throat Coat Tea for my littles and a Seasonal Sampler for my hubby and I. The sampler included Echinacea Plus which helps build the immune system up. I thought that might be nice for him as he was the last to succumb to the sore throat. I didnt get raw honey but just regular organic honey. I knew I'd be making several cups over the next few days and it's just faster and easier to add in. Please, Please, please do NOT add sugar to your tea! Sugar creates a breeding grown for germs and colds to grow, so you could do more harm than good. I also got some nursing tea by Yogi and have yet to try it as we have been drinking all the other varieties, but I'm excited for that one as well!
The first thing we did was go upstairs and rub the natural vapor rub all over their cute little feet. Then some on their chests and lastly we put some snuggly socks on.
Then we went downstairs carefully walking on our tippy toes and all piled on the couch where they sipped their tea which by this time was cool enough for their little mouths. While they sipped, I read a chapter or two from our latest read aloud, Autumn with the Moodys by Sarah Maxwell. By this time they were feeling better and we followed up with more rub and tea over the next 24-36 hours and now they just have a bit of a cough. I consider the cough to be good as it loosens up the phlegm and will soon remove it from their bodies. I also gave them lots of fruit-- especially blueberries which are full of antioxidants and all sorts of good vitamins. So you see, you can naturally treat your colds. You dont need a ton of antibiotics and cold meds to do so. Stock up on some tea, honey, and rub before hand and you'll be well prepared!

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