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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Becoming an Auntie

I grew up with many aunts-- there is even a childrens book that I adore called "The Aunts" and I am already an aunt to two teenagers and one little girl older than my children (who sadly we never see, but thats another story), BUT having my sister become a mom really made me feel like I became an aunt. I am an Aunt. Being an aunt is almost as cool as becoming a grandparent... but Im still really young to be a really cool aunt. There are plenty of parenting books out there (trust me, I read most of them when I had the time with my first pregnancy) but no books on becoming an aunt. But that's okay because its not like I'm not a mom so I think maybe it's like being a mom, but you get to do all the fun things... or say things like, well at least I'm not his mother if he misbehaves sometime in the far off future.
This little guy was due two days before my 30th birthday... I consider him a belated present. Is he not precious? Do you not love him? How does Lily say it (you know that adorable mouse who has Julius for a baby brother?) "stroke his head, kiss his nose, and say he is the baby of the world!" Something like that.... but he is so cute!
And now, here is my simply beautiful baby sister... we played mommy together so long ago (using of course, our younger brother and youngest sister as babies) that to share inthis real life journey of motherhood is something I am eagerly looking forward to!
Her husband is the absolutely most perfect brother-in-law and Uncle-- we love having him be a part of our family! And here is one of the reasons why:
He not only saved the hospital socks, he is proudly wearing them! Love it! He is a funny guy! He also has some great parents...
My sister's in laws have raised three terrific sons... I have a feeling one day I may have to sit down and pick their brains. But, I see my husband and myself one day not being the parents of the mom, but of the son and it is just a little different. Speaking of my husband (you didnt think he'd not be able to hold a newborn did you??)...
MMMM-mmmm... there is nothing hotter than a man with a baby. Except maybe a man changing a babies diaper. Or a man washing a babies diaper... well, actually diapers are gross... and my husband is super hot. So there is nothing hotter than my husband... and of course, my husband holding a baby...
Speaking of my husband and a baby, here is our baby. He is king of his new cousin's swing. No, seriously, he could be crying his head off and you sit him in this swing and he has the biggest smile. Except, he heard we were about to take his picture with his new cousin and see the size difference (and I think he was a bit suspicious some people think he has some thunder thighs...)
Please excuse his cloth diaper camel toe-- what can I say, cloth diapers are money savers, but not figure flattering. I have a feeling these two who are just four months a part will be good little buddies in the years to come. I am secretly.. well, I just shared it, so I am joyfully happy that my sister had a little boy for my little guy. They will be two peas in a pod. And me, I will be the happy auntie...
(and please excuse my Olive Oil bun thingy here... I am going through that awful post-pregnancy hair lost stage.... thats a whole post right there!!!).... but, back to the auntie love-- I am so excited to be this little gift from God's auntie!

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angie said...

Congratulations on achieving the Auntie status in a tangible way! That is fun to imagine these two boys growing up together.