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Sunday, March 23, 2014

From Lawn to Garden (Post 8)

We were blessed with yet another gorgeous day while my husband had off-- Praise the Lord! Sadly my little buddy has a fever so we are home for church and all just hanging out and quietly occupying ourselves today which does mean I can catch up on the progress we've made.
Inside the house we have put out our Easter decorations (please excuse some of the bunnies missing ears) which makes me very happy as its such a wonderful day to celebrate that Christ rose again and He is alive! Our inside seedlings are also doing quite well. We transplanted our cabbage plants into their own containers and they survived the transplants and continue to flourish. I have to be honest, I've never particularly cared for cabbage before but after all this nurturing and care I am actually looking forward to eating some. I think my kids are in the same boat-- they've always loved their veggies but this year they are anticipating them like never before. because they are theirs and they have helped out with growing and tending them. Its pretty cool.
We have had to move some plants to the basement to get them to sprout quickly and this has encouraged even our most stubborn plants to get moving. If you do this just check on them frequently because once they do sprout they will grow very long stems in search of the light and this could weaken your plants.
Now going outside, we have planted some peas in the ground and we will just watch them very closely as this week our area may get snow. I didn't start all our peas and later this week when it warms up a teeny bit again hope to get the rest in the ground as more trellises are almost completed.
We have been practicing Dave Ramsey's envelope system for saving up for things that we know we would need adhering to his mantra of it will be a blessing not a burden when you make the purchase and we frugally saved up and sold things on ebay for our picnic table. This one actually was lower than what we budgeted, so we got some outdoor rugs as well:
While I scurried around and took these pictures heres where our little guy was hanging out as daddy was trimming back my rose bush. The rose bush needs to go as each year it just grows and grows and bottom line, its taking up valuable space where we can grow food so it's slowly meeting it's demise. On a different note, can you believe this little cutie pie is almost 11 months? He is so busy and has loved being outside-- he is normally right besides me playing in the dirt or with his own shovel-- love it! "Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it." Proverbs 22:6
In addition to all of the yard work and beds that need prepared for vegetables and fruit, we also have a great deal of painting to tackle after a long winter and the kitchen remodel last fall.
Thankfully the porch has a new coat of paint on it (do you like the shade of green-- my four year old helped me pick it out) but the rear of the house needs doors, wall exterior, and trim all done. Little by little and by God's grace we will get it done. After a long day of working together and tackling projects, we were blessed by some family visitors and even got to celebrate my brother's 25th birthday with him!
Grandma was also up and snuggled our little man who wasn't feeling well and for a brief moment a very busy baby.
Very thankful to see our garden progress and for the added blessing of time with loved ones! Hope you all had a great time enjoying the recent beautiful weather!

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