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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The best kids Bible ever

This is the best children's Bible ever-- it doesnt water down the story or go from Noah to Moses to David-- Gideon, Samuel, Deborah, and Jephthah are covered as well. Plus, it doesn't give you the short version, but goes into great depth at a wonderful speed-- and the illustrations are really enjoyed by my kids. I am blown away by what they have been able to grasp and incorporate into their playtime and life. They have such a hold on the flow and history of God's chosen people the Israelites.

I have to be honest, when this was a suggested book in the Sonlight catalog, I thought, "Really-- do we need another kid's Bible with the little feel good concise stories?" Then, I found a used one on Amazon and decided to try it and have been so happy and impressed, but most of all-- it has been an immense blessing to our family.


angie said...

I can't make the Bible cover large enough to read the title. Uh-oh--is it time for reading glasses? Will you please tell me the title?

Becky said...

Ergemeier's Bible Story Book