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Monday, January 10, 2011

"snowed" in ideas

Well, it's winter in PA and we have been getting a couple little snowfalls here and there and it is very chilly :) I love snow- if it has to be cold, it can at least look pretty right?

Snow is so Magical.

So, we have been inside a lot-- I mean a lot! We have been making good use of playdough, dance parties, blocks, animals, games, puzzles-- all that stuff that might get a wee but ignored when its nice out and we're out and about soaking it all in.

Oh yes, we have been reading lots too. My five year old can read a bit (thanks to teach your child to read in 100 easy lessons) and my daughter doesnt mind listening for a little while, but while he practices, she reads in the big circle chair snuggled up with a blanket. I love it. Books are so wonderful-- they become treasured friends.

Funny story-- I was reading a mommy book and trying to finish it because it was so good and so I had it out while the kids played next to me and my son said, "Mom, all you do is keep looking at your book-- are you gonna start reading it?" So cute-- he didnt understand silent reading yet :) Someday soon I hope they still spend winter days buried in books....

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