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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Well, it's been a little rainy here but my sister's sweet boyfriend gave us a nice big flat of flowers and I couldn't resist during the break in the rain to hop out and plant these. I LOVE zinnias-- so cheerful and hardy and impatients are so nice because they grow so well which is very nice with all our extra special gardening help :) i once read some where that people who can't travel or prefer not too have some of the most beautiful backyard gardens-- I dont know if that is true across the board, but I love to plant things and take pleasure in the beautiful God has sprinkled the earth with.

In other gardening news, our tomatoe plants are still being harbored indoors-- a little too nervous with our bunny friend out back. I put one out today that had grown over a foot in its little dixie cup and will elt you know how he does...

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