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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Summer Decor and Fun!

It may have taken me awhile, but the kids and I finally finished a simple little summer display for the shelf in the family room. I wanted bright and cheerful d├ęcor to celebrate the fun season and we actually picked up all the supplies at a.c.moore long before the baby came-- yes, it took me that long to find some time to do it, but the end result was well worth it. It adds a lot of summer cheer to the room. Its hard to believe that as schools across the nation have just finished their year up, we are about to begin ours in a little over 3 weeks! Im excited! The kids are excited-- it's been nice having this time off and adjusting to life with our new little love, but I think we will all be ready when we begin again come July 8th! http://kojo-designs.com/2011/09/49-fabulous-fabric-flower-tutorials/ Want to make some of your own fabric flowers? Don't be scared-- they're really simple and heres a great site with lots of ideas!

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